About Charrd

In almost any town in Texas, you can find a place that serves top-notch BBQ or Chicken Fried Steak. Charrd takes quality beef and does one better, bringing an authentically Texas steak experience to you.

DJ Shifflett, a home-grown Texas boy, knows steak is king – not because it is exotic, or fancy, but because of the way a perfect steak makes you feel when it crosses your lips. DJ, a life-long cooking enthusiast has perfected his unique recipes and they never disappoint.

After running a successful food trailer, DJ decided he shouldn’t keep all of his secrets to himself.  His love for cooking, paired with his skills in welding, did not allow the issues our economy faced in 2020 get him down.  He decided to use his knowledge to help others create the same quality of smoked food he made for most of Central Texas.

DJ has enjoyed making smokers for numerous families all over Texas.  He was blessed enough to have the help of a great chef in the Central Texas area to help him with the business.  If you have not had Matt Cummins cooking, you need to find Voncille’s.

While we also have enjoyed creating smokers that will last a lifetime, we’ve also included some of the secret items we used while serving on the trailer.  We hope you all enjoy!